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Risk Management visualised like NEVER before

Have you ever had to explain risk management to a complete beginner?

I had to, and I admit it was not an easy task. It didn’t take more than two sentences to lose my student. The topic is abstract and hard to comprehend. It’s also barely impossible to visualize in ones mind, which makes it extra hard to understand.

This made me wonder if there is a way to support students in understanding the general concepts behind risk management by providing them with graphics and illustrations. I am confident to say, there is.

Based on the graphic below, I have recorded a quick session, that covers the main concepts behind risk management and can serve as an introduction for students.

Please have a look, and let me know what you think. Feedback is very welcome!

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Graphic displaying the fundamental components of information security risk management, including but not limited to threat events, threat sources, vulnerabilities, assets and controls.

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